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AUDITIONS: JULY 8 and 9, 2024 6 PM-8 PM
@ Lincoln Cultural Center


Character Descriptions:

Granny Clampett (Female) : a spry and snippy elderly lady. Daisy May Moses, called "Granny" by all, is Jed's mother-in-law. Granny has an abrasive personality that is often overruled by Jed. She fancies herself a Baptist Christian ("dunked, not sprinkled") and a self-styled "M.D." ("mountain doctor"). Like the other Clampetts, she is known to take things literally.

Jed Clampett (Male) : a tall, honest, middle-aged man. Good-natured patriarch Jed Clampett has little formal education and is naive about the world outside the rural area where he lives but has a great deal of wisdom and common sense. He is the widower of Granny's daughter, Rose Ellen. He is usually the straight man to Granny and Jethro's antics. His catchphrase is, "Welllllll, doggies!"


Elly Clampett (Female) : the only child of Jed and Rose Ellen Clampett, a mountain beauty with the soul of a tomboy. She can throw a fastball and "wrassle" most men to a fall, but can be tender with her friends, animals, and family. She is a terrible cook and easily in her 20s, but Granny usually promotes her age as "14" (since an unmarried mountain woman as old as Elly May is considered an old maid.)

George Turner (Male – minor role) : a young geologist working for the Midland Oil Company.

Brewster (Male – minor role) : a stuffy executive and the chief counsel for Midland Oil Company.

Cousin Pearl (Female – minor role) : the most educated and “citified” of the Clampetts, which doesn’t make her too smart, but she can read and write. Middle-aged "Cousin" Pearl Bodine is Jethro's mother and Jed's first cousin.

Jethro Bodine (Male) : a muscular boy of about twenty, fantastically strong and not too bright. Jethro is the dim-witted son of Jed's cousin, Pearl Bodine. The others boast of Jethro's "sixth-grade education". Jethro often speaks enthusiastically of his abilities in "cipherin'" (1 and 1 is 2, 2 and 2 is 4), and "gazintas" (4 gazinta 8 2 times, 3 gazinta 12 4 times). More often than not, his goal is merely to meet pretty girls. Of all the Clampett clan, he is the most eager to embrace California life.

Mr. Milburn Drysdale (Male) : a dignified, rather stuffy middle-aged president of a Beverly Hills bank. In addition to being their banker, Mr. Drysdale is the Clampetts' confidant and next-door neighbor. He often forces others, especially his long-suffering secretary, to help fulfill the Clampett's outlandish requests.

Mrs. Margaret Drysdale (Female) : a fussy, snobbish social matron and the wife of Milburn Drysdale. She is appalled by the Clampetts and their hillbilly lifestyle. She touts herself as a "blue-blooded Bostonian".

Miss Hathaway (Female) : the neat, old-maid type of secretary for Mr. Drysdale, whom the Clampetts address as "Miss Jane." She is genuinely fond of the family and tries to shield them from her boss's greed. Miss Hathaway frequently has to "rescue" Drysdale from his schemes, receiving little or no thanks for her efforts.

Mrs. Pennyweather (Female) : the tweedy, imperious head of Pennyweather Academy.

Percy Pennyweather (Male) : a mousy young English instructor at his mother’s school.

Gloria Mundy (Female – minor role) : the president of the Student Council at Pennyweather Academy.

Frederika Collins (Female – minor role) : an attractive (in an intellectual way) student at Pennyweather Academy.

Emaline Fetty (Female) : a hill girl, speaking in pure backwoods except when she reverts to Rita and becomes a hip chick.

Colonel Foxhall (Male) : a charming, elderly southern gentleman.

Mrs. Stokely-Smythe (Female – minor role) : an elegant, Beverly Hills society lady.

The Oglethorpes (Male and Female - minor roles) : an elegant couple.

Groovy Monahan (Female - minor role) : a laid-back, go-with-the-flow, hippy student at Pennyweather Academy.

Lt. Frank Richard (Male – minor role) : a nice-looking young man, not too large physically.

JULY 8-19, 2024

$275 BY MAY 15 | $300 AFTER MAY 15



Lincoln Theatre Guild welcomes all performers of all ages and experience levels. The audition can be a great experience to get to know others with similar passions to yours and get some good experience. Our audition process is often very fun and informal. More audition information will also be posted on our Facebook page.


The Lincoln Theatre Guild currently is looking for directors for the upcoming season. If you are interested in directing for the LTG, please reach out.


"All the world is a stage .... " but without volunteers, the show could not go on! Thank you for your interest in being a volunteer.

In community theatre, volunteers are critical to success with everything from the costuming and sets to the lights, camera, action is made possible through the diligent and impassioned involvement of people like YOU! We want to hear from you and where you can put your talents, passion, and love of theatre to work for us


  • Acting
  • Crew & Stage Support
  • Music & Sound
  • Makeup
  • Lighting
  • Directing
  • Set Construction
  • Usher
  • Ticket Sales
  • Concession Sales
  • Fundraising
  • Publicity
  • Grant Writing
  • Boards
  • Committees
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